Another One Bites The Dust

We Offer a range of four boilies that have all been designed and created around a fishery managers outlook on a top quality boilie feed not only good for the fish in our own fisheries, Clear water Syndicate, Abridge Fishery & Carpers paradise but the health and growth of others alike.                                          


Designed with a unique blend of fresh HNV (High Nutritional Value) products that have been handpicked and tasted to create not only a instant impact bait but a carp fishing bait that is easily digestible and will hold its profile on long term baiting campaigns all four of our baits though out the range have been the downfall to uncountable big fish both in the uk and Europe, we take massive pride in quality over quantity and let the bait do the talking along with word of mouth you only need to take a look at the constant catch reports on our social media pages to see the proof that our baits are created with the highest quality that is available.