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The Boss

This time yesterday morning i was on my way to work and all i had on my mind was to load the van ready for the Big One Show, which is when i found myself gazing out the window whilst stuck in traffic studying the change in the weather.

The sun had made a apperance and the sky was clear. The temperature was up and lot milder than the previous days and i am thinking is spring finally here or is it just a teaser? What ever it was it looked bang on for a bite thats for sure.

The excitment of knowing they would be on the munch gave the eurge to get loaded up and organised and then take a walk around the lake.

On my intial walk round I didn't see a single fish show but it didn't put me off one bit. I approached Peg 11, the sun was beating down over the area that I had my eye on and sometimes a slight bit of sunlight on the water is all it takes to wake them up.

I really didn't want to make much of a disturbance as I literally had 1 or 2 hours before I needed to get off home, so I quickly got set up and grounded down some Fruit Fix Boilie's so it was nice and fine then made up some small PVA Sticks, with a single matching Pop Up and a bit of wonder juice for instant attraction and the rods was ready to go.

My first rod I placed was off the tip of the island in about 5ft of water in a silty area and the other was flicked down to the right of me in the channel where it shelfs up and comes in to the shallows around the island, in about 4ft of water.

They must of been out no longer than 40 minutes and the left hand rod was away with quite an aggressive take and as I bent in to it, it kited to the left and totally bumped me off! I was disappointed.

I wound in both the rods and went and made a coffee, when I returned I reset the traps on the same spots, but this time both rods out a rod length apart.

Half an hour passed and the right hand rod gave 2 bleeps and the bobbin was up, with that the tip pulled down and I knew it was on. A short intense battle took place and it finally rolled on the surface and could see that it was a good Mirror,

Nick done the deeds and slipped the net under her and she was in the net safe and sound....
Get in!

The Sling was zeroed and the fish was weighed and she tipped the scales at 40Ib 4oz, which is a new English PB for me.

As i was lucky enough to catch her first I also got to name her and i decided on the Boss...